Mold Removal

ALPHA Home Restoration Services

Mold and mildew are naturally procured micro organisms which exist everywhere within our environment. Once the amount of mold in our homes is greater than what's normal, we often take notice. Despite its health effects, none of us want excessive mold within our homes. For those who have discovered or are worried you might have mold damage, ALPHA Home Restoration Services can certainly help. Some of the effects of mold are allergy symptoms, infection, and excessive toxicity in the blood (which could result in such problems as poisoning. Toxic mold can impact people in different options than most realize - your defense mechanisms, kidneys, liver, blood, even your mind are at risk.

ALPHA Service technicians are expertly trained to contain and remove all mold from the affected areas without contaminating the surrounding zone. We also use high-tech “air scrubbing” equipment, which can filter excessive mold spores and particles from the surrounding air in or outside a property.

Our Flood Damage Restoration services are all inclusive of:

Assessment of real damage

Restoration of damage

Excellent response time

Fully Insured, Licensed and Bonded

After renewal, renovating process

Direct billing with your insurance companies, if required